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Becker Vineyards/Grape Creek Vineyards-Fredericksburg

March 19, 2010
Becker Vineyards

Becker Vineyards

When my sisters and I get together in the hill country, one of our favorite things to do is visit the local wineries. One recent Monday during spring break we headed toward Fredericksburg. We like to stop at local markets and purchase a variety of cheeses, olives, crusty French bread, assorted crackers, and of course some good chocolate. We stopped in Johnson City to shop, since it was on the way, and then we headed west on highway 290 toward Fredericksburg.  We had a late start, about 1 o’clock, so we planned two stops for the day.

Our first winery was Becker Vineyards. They have a large, elegant tasting room along with a covered verandah which looks out over their fragrant lavender fields and onto a stately limestone reception hall. The reception hall and outer buildings were not open, but I have been there during the Christmas season when they were open and beautifully adorned with decorations and a warm fire glowing in the enormous fireplace. This grand hall is used primarily for special occasions and weddings. The lavender is in bloom during the month of May and June, so I will definitely be returning! We enjoyed our late afternoon lunch along with our wine as we sat on the lovely veranda.

Our next stop was Grape Creek Vineyards. This was my first time to Grape Creek, and I was very impressed with the lovely patio covered with large oak trees. They have a small deli area where you can purchase food items such as cheese and crackers, just in case you didn’t bring your own. The Tuscan-style tasting area is very grand and beautiful. We had a wonderful time as we sat on the patio and enjoyed good conversation, munched on what was left of our delicious picnic, and sipped our glass of wine.

Grape Creek Vineyards

Grape Creek Vineyards

Personal notes: The surrounding fields of lavender at Becker Vineyards are extremely beautiful and fragrant when in bloom.

But I was disappointed when we bought a bottle of wine and were given plastic cups to use on the veranda– a poor compliment for our fine wine. If you decide to do the tasting (I think 6 wines) you receive a glass with your purchase, but we skipped the tasting because we already knew which bottle we were purchasing.

As for Grape Creek Vineyards, they served us in wine glasses and had complimentary plates, napkins, and utensils setting out. We were very thankful for the paper ware since we forgot ours, and drinking from wine glasses was more to my liking, as well as complimentary to the wine.

I would have to say Becker Vineyards wines are my favorite. I won’t go into which ones, since that is a personal preference. My sister, on the other hand, preferred the wine at Grape Creek. So, goes to show each has his or her favorite, thus the Wine Trail!

Happy Trails!

Kristin and me in the tasting room

Kristin and me at Grape Creek Vineyards


View more photos at

Becker Vineyards

Becker Vineyards

Grape Creek Vineyards
Grape Creek Vineyards
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