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Trade Days-Fredericksburg

March 31, 2010

Have you seen the new show “American Pickers?” It’s a show about two guys who roam the American countryside, stopping at old barns and warehouses and rummaging through junk till they find what they consider a treasure. The show is entertaining and when Joe and I saw this was the weekend for Fredericksburg Trade Days (weekend of third Saturday of every month) we hit the road to do a little ‘picking’ for ourselves.

Fredericksburg Trade Days

Fredericksburg Trade Days

Upon entering Trade Days, the first things you see are several large barns (at least 6) and smaller buildings strewn across several acres. We strolled up to the first barn, not sure what to expect. Inside I was surprised to find such a wide array of items! They carried everything from furniture (new and antique), to clothing (new and vintage), to home décor items and plants. There was something here for everyone! Several vendors sold homemade treats such as candy, pastries, hot sauces and spice blends. Of course Joe and Tyler couldn’t resist the smell of smoked BBQ, so they made their way over to the outdoor food area and found a nice picnic table in which to enjoy their lunch. In the mean time, I walked over to the quaint little herb farm and picked out some nice plants.

One of the Vendors at Fredericksburg Trade Days

One of the Vendors at Fredericksburg Trade Days

Joe portraying an “American Picker” and me a “Junk Gypsy,” we spent several hours rummaging through the outdoor shops in hopes of uncovering that special something. The outdoor shops contain more of your home improvement items such as old doors, bathroom fixtures, yard items, and the like.

Hill Country Yard Art!

Hill Country Yard Art

It was a beautiful day to be outdoors; the weather was perfect. We had a relaxed day strolling through all the barns and talking with several of the vendors (there are more than 300). I was told they were having an auction later that evening, so if auctions are your thing then you should check their website for details. If you like shopping for unique items, or antiques, or recycling old items (a.k.a junk gypsy) you will love Fredericksburg Trade Days.

Happy Picking!


Checking out the large assortment of hats

Deciding on a hat

See Flickr for more pictures!

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