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Rather Sweet Bakery, The Fredericksburg Brewery, Altdorf Restaurant-Fredericksburg

April 7, 2010

Friday was a beautiful day for a hill country drive, so Joe took off work early and the family headed to Fredericksburg.  It was late in the day when we arrived, probably around 3:00. We parked on the corner of Adams and Main. From there we walked east on Main Street. Our plan was to shop till we reached Rather Sweet Bakery, enjoy some of their treats, and then shop the opposite side of the street on our way back. Fredericksburg’s Main Street has a variety of shops. If you are staying several days, I would probably spend two days just visiting the shops along or just off Main. First, I would visit the shops east of the court house, and then I would visit the shops west of the court house on my second visit, or vice versa. Main Street is usually filled with many strolling pedestrians, especially on beautiful weekends or holidays.

Main Street Fredericksburg

Walking along Main Street

As we walk along Main, Meghan and I venture into almost every shop, while Joe and Tyler pick and choose, sitting outside on one of the many benches and enjoying the outdoors.  The historic buildings are reminiscent of years past, and the old-world charm of the city is enhanced by the architecture. The shops cater to tourists, and they carry everything from toys, to Texas memorabilia, to fine clothing and home décor. Tyler’s favorite is the music shop, where he likes to try out the large selection of guitars. On several occasions when we have visited, there have been impromptu musicians playing for the customers-very fun!

Fredericksburg Music Store

By the time we reach Rather Sweet Bakery (they closed around two) we are in need of a little snack to tide us over till dinner. So we venture into the newest addition to Rather Sweet Bakery, Rather Sweet Too! (they stay open later). The desserts here are heavenly! There are many to choose from, although the best selection is always earlier in the day. We choose a Very Berry Bar to split among the four of us, not wanting to spoil our dinner, but also not wanting to miss a taste of something from this well know bakery. After deciding on our tasty morsel, we amble outside to the quaint court yard seating area.

Rather Sweet Bakery

Hmmm...Decisions, Decisions

Rather Sweet Bakery has been featured in many magazines and newspapers over the years, and Rebecca Rather’s cookbooks are hands down some of the best. Rather Sweet offers delectable treats such as buttery scones (the Apple Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Scone is my favorite) as well as luscious cakes (the carrot cake looks ooh so good!) They also serve breakfast and lunch, so check out their website for their full menu featuring organic and local ingredients. Don’t leave Fredericksburg without having a Rather Sweet treat!

Taking orders at Rather Sweet Too!


Joe was feeling thirsty, so from Rather Sweet Bakery we back tracked two doors down to The Brewery Restaurant, where we chose a table at the bar. We have eaten at The Fredericksburg Brewing Company many times over the years, and they have something on the menu for everyone, from burgers to pizza to German food. The surf and turf consists of mouth-watering options such as grilled salmon topped with creamy sun-dried tomato butter sauce, or the pepper-crusted Choice strip steak topped with a portabella mushroom demi-glace. Like I said, there’s something on the menu for everyone!

Outside The Brewery Restaurant

Brewing Tanks

The Brewery Restaurant

Of course you’ll need a drink with your meal, so you’ll want to try one of their award-winning beers, which is brewed there on the premises. The unmistakable bright copper and stainless steel brewing tanks line the wall behind the bar. The tanks are visible from all the tables, allowing the patrons to experience the sights, sounds, and aromas associated with the brewing process. You’ll want to spend some time in this unique restaurant eating, enjoying a cold one, and catching up with friends!

Altdorf German Restaurant

Altdorf patio area

We opted to eat dinner later, so we crossed to the opposite side of the street, headed west down Main Street, and continued our walk back. The streets were crowded, but everyone was enjoying the pleasant spring day as we roamed from shop to shop. Once we were back to the car, we made dinner plans to eat at Altdorf’s. It was only a few streets away, so we decided to walk the few blocks to this German eatery. We took a seat in the outdoor seating area, which was starting to get crowded. There is also seating available inside, but on such bright sunny days I love being outside every chance I can get! Joe ordered the Jeager Schnitzel, Tyler ordered the Chicken Fried Steak, and Meg and I ordered large dinner salads. Both Joe’s and Tyler’s dinners were large portions, and everything came out hot and tasted great. My Cobb salad was good too-fresh, large portion, with bacon, eggs, turkey, and cheese arranged on top.

Highway 16 between Fredericksburg and Llano

It started getting late and the restaurant now had a waiting list. We wanted to get to Llano in time to make it to Fuel Coffee House for live music. So heading down Hwy 16, we came across miles and miles of colorful wildflowers-so far the best I’ve seen! We couldn’t resist stopping to take family pics. Arriving at Fuel around 8:00, we enjoyed the music, good coffee and later made our way back to Marble Falls. It was a lazy day in the hill country-roaming the hills and enjoying time with family.

Roaming the hills,


Enjoy more pictures on Flickr

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  1. April 18, 2010 11:03 pm

    You can’t beat Fredericksburg for food, shopping, and fun. How come Joe didn’t bring me anything back from Rather Sweet?

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